From Signs to Sales: The Art and Impact of Advertising with Signage


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In an age when traditional marketing methods are beginning to show their age, business signage stands out as a reliable beacon of clarity. Capturing customer attention at precisely the right moments, business signage has the power to turn a passing customer into a loyal returning client. And with a lifespan of decades or more, high-quality signage provides unparalleled visibility and value for the long term.

Business signage can be found in many forms, from billboards on highways to junior posters and bulletins that adorn local roads. The beauty of these types of displays is that they reach a broad range of customers, from commuters to families and individuals who are visiting the area for work or leisure activities. This versatility makes them a key component of any successful marketing strategy.

Whether it’s a quick reminder to pick up your dry cleaning or an offer for the latest seasonal special, effective business signs will convey your message in a clear and concise way. This is vital in a time when customers have shorter and shorter attention spans and can easily become distracted by other marketing efforts.

A well-designed, aesthetically pleasing sign is sure to capture the attention of your audience and deliver the most impact. In addition to using a bold and eye-catching font, use of colors also plays an important role in the overall impact of your business signage. People tend to associate a brand with certain colors. For example, Coke is often associated with red color which helps to create brand recognition.

Static signage is a classic means of capturing the attention of customers, but digital display technology offers new tools to help your business stand out from the competition. Also known as DOOH (Digital Out of Home) advertising, digital signage allows you to inform and advertise through a variety of mediums including streaming media, video walls, animation and audio. The ability to quickly change and update content, even in real-time, provides a new platform for your business’s marketing strategy.

Aside from showcasing your products and services, business signage can also be used to communicate with customers and guide them once they are inside the premises of your business. This is particularly important for retail and restaurant businesses, where there are numerous ways to attract customers and direct them towards a purchase.

Depending on your location and target market, business signage can be a cost-effective way of attracting customers and building long-lasting relationships with them. Investing in quality business signage that seizes the attention of customers at just the right moment will improve impulse purchases and ensure that your brand remains top-of-mind among loyal clients. It’s no wonder that business owners are still obsessed with their signage.

To make the most of signage as a marketing tool, first understand your business’s why and select a creative sign type that showcases it. Then, make sure your strategy is aligned with your goals and includes clear marketing metrics. Lastly, be sure any outdoor signage follows city codes and sidewalk/street regulations for safety and compliance. By incorporating these steps, your signage marketing strategy will become a key component of your overall marketing efforts and can serve as the foundation for all other in-store and digital initiatives. Contact your local sign company for more information about developing a comprehensive signage marketing strategy.


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