Tangible Allure: The Magnetic Pull of Printed Promotional Materials



It’s easy to dismiss traditional print marketing materials as a thing of the past, but it’s important to remember that they have the ability to be incredibly effective. In the age of emailed promotions and quick access to information online, it is essential that businesses use high-quality printed materials to get their message across. Printed promotional materials are tangible, easily digestible and can create a strong brand presence in a way that digital media cannot.

Push marketing is a technique that involves proactively reaching out to customers and trying to sell them products, but the opposite approach of pull marketing naturally accrues traffic. This type of marketing strategy recognizes that customers are actively seeking certain types of content suited for their needs and aims to provide it to them in a convenient manner. For example, a beauty company may publish articles on how to select the best makeup for a particular skin tone to help consumers make informed decisions. The content is then marketed through channels like social media and influencer collaborations to encourage engagement and ultimately purchases.

Whether you’re a relatively new business that is establishing itself or an established company looking to maintain market share, pull marketing can help you achieve your growth goals. By focusing on building community and advocacy, companies can cultivate loyal followers that spread the word about their products organically and generate sales over time. Some examples of pull marketing strategies include a product giveaway, social media content and review management, and customer referrals.

In-person sales meetings are great for explaining your products and services to potential clients, but once the meeting is over, leave behind marketing materials can keep your brand top of mind. This is especially true if your leave-behind marketing materials are eye-catching, well-designed and printed on by a top natch printing company in Orlando.

Brochures are a useful tool to have on hand at events, shows or in physical stores as they pack a lot of key information into a tri-fold piece of paper. With a range of stock sizes to choose from, and the ability to be created in bespoke formats too, brochures are perfect for giving customers an overview of your business when you’re not available to speak with them directly.

If you’re looking for a more extensive piece of promotional material, consider a booklet. Typically stapled together or perfect bound, booklets can be made up to 80 pages and are ideal for product catalogues, programmed for events or shows, or company magazines.

For those who want to be seen as an expert in their field, branded whiteboards and easels are a must-have for any office or showroom. Customizable and portable, they can be customized with any messaging or imagery that you desire to be instantly recognizable as yours. When paired with a custom-printed poster, they can be used to promote an event or special offer that’s hard to miss on the street. They can also be mailed out to customers to reinforce the message you’re promoting.


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