Ways to Find the Right Child Custody Attorney



One of the most challenging difficulties a couple will face throughout their divorce is determining child custody and visiting schedules. A competent Pensacola, Florida child custody lawyer will guide you through the court system and ensure that your children’s interests are safeguarded.

It is increasingly customary for courts to grant parents joint physical and legal custody in Florida and other states. This implies that the parents will make decisions together and devote almost equal amounts of time to their kids. Parents may also decide on their own and provide their own custody plan to the court. A court must approve this arrangement, also known as a time-sharing agreement or parenting plan, before it can be put into effect.

The court considers a wide range of variables while making a custody decision. The children’s best interests are the most crucial consideration. The court makes this decision based on a number of factors, including the children’s present living environment, the parents’ health, the child’s connection with each parent, and whether or not there is a history of domestic violence or drug misuse by either parent. Future post-resolution living circumstances, the child’s educational growth, and the location of the school are all taken into account. A parenting plan and child support might be decided upon once the parents’ financial situation has been assessed.

Even though it is uncommon, it is not impossible for a father to get sole custody in Florida. The father must demonstrate that the children will suffer from shared parenting responsibilities with the mother in order to be granted exclusive custody. This may be achieved by demonstrating that the mother is unlikely to follow the time-sharing plan set by the court or that she is likely to sabotage a positive relationship between a father and his kid.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that your ex-spouse might ask for a change to the initial custody arrangement even if the child custody court grants you primary physical possession. This is so if there has been a significant change in circumstances, as permitted under Florida law. If your situation has changed significantly—for example, your ex-spouse became addicted to drugs or you saw domestic abuse—you might think about asking for a custody adjustment with a Pensacola Family Law expert.

In a custody battle, Virga Law Firm has the knowledge, skill, and commitment to ensure that your children’s best interests are upheld. To speak with an experienced child custody attorney, contact us right now. We can help you with any kind of family law issue. All of our lawyers have flawless disciplinary records, are certified by the State Bar of Florida, have undergone independent verification, and satisfy strict client service standards. We are an extremely competent, productive, and professional legal practice. We are excited to collaborate with you and your family.


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